If your planning permit application has been refused by Council then you may decide to appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). VCAT has the power to set aside Council's refusal and direct them to issue a planning permit. However, too often developments that deserve a planning permit do not achieve one due to poor representation at VCAT.

A VCAT appeal is about presenting the right arguments, with the correct supporting information, in a compelling and legally correct format that convinces the VCAT member to issue a permit (without adding any permit conditions which makes development cost prohibitive).

  • Should you represent yourself or use a town planner?

  • Should your town planner be experienced with VCAT?

  • Should you use a planning solicitor or barrister?

  • Should you call expert witnesses and if so from which disciplines? A common pitfall is that expert witnesses must present an independent view even though you are paying their fees. An expert witness that sides with Council is worse than no expert at all!

While the VCAT fee is relatively small the cost of hiring these experts can be significant. 

Property Advance are experienced in managing this process. Recommending the right team from our panel of experts for your appeal, coordinating the message and information required, and providing the best possible chance of a permit being granted.

The project will also be delayed until the VCAT hearing and receiving a decision will also take time. It may be important to continue with some planning work to minimise the delay and we can also manage this for you.