We focus on mitigating risk at all stages of your development.

Delays through poor project management cost significant dollars.

We ensure all suppliers remain accountable to your objectives.

Reducing Risk and Complexity


Many miss out on property development opportunities in what is potentially a safe area of investment because it appears significantly more complex and risky than it needs to be.


All investments carry an associated risk.  We have eliminated risk wherever possible, reduced risk that could not be eliminated and built processes to mitigate remaining risk.  The following are frequently asked questions regarding risk:


Is Property Advance Australian owned?




Is Property Advance debt free with significant capital backing?




How long have the Principals of Property Advance owned property in the suburbs in which you develop?


Since 2000


If I buy land to develop who owns the land and the building(s) constructed on it?


You (and your mortgage holder where applicable)


Do the Principals of Property Advance invest their own money in their property developments?




Who carries out the investment risk analysis?


Our project manager coordinates specialists from each area including town planning and construction experts. Our Chief Financial Officer reviews the financial projections before presentation to you.


During construction who is in charge of quality control?


Our project manager has overall responsibility and will formally inspect construction at each of the 8 building stages, for example before the foundation is poured, to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded. We engage builders with past proven performance in quality control.


What are the projections for property demand in the future (selling and renting)?


Based on the population and demographic projections prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) in its housing to 2020 report estimates that Victoria will be home to an additional 405,100 households by 2020.


In order to satisfy demographic demand, the stock of dwellings in Victoria will need to grow by approximately 45,000 properties per year through to 2020. This means Victoria needs to build 13,000 (3.3 per cent) more property in the remaining nine years to 2020 than were built over the last nine years.


Is the building industry stable?


The building and construction industry including architects, engineers, designers, trades people and project managers is Australia's 6th largest employer. In Victoria there are approximately 180,000 full time and 32,500 part time workers and the industry is forecast to grow by 30% over the next five years.


We ensure that quotes are honoured for all work and our clients only pay contractors for work that is completed. We manage this process for you.