Preferred Suppliers

We have a number of preferred builders, architects, town planners, surveyors and suppliers that we have identified via a rigorous process of market testing and real world projects. Property Advance appointed Panel Builders include:
It is important to note that once we have finalised fixtures and fittings with our clients, we then seek several builder quotes to ensure our clients are getting the most competitive quote and that our preferred builders are being held accountable (so far they continue to be the most cost effective of around 60 builders we have tested).
We are always happy to discuss appointing additional builders to our preferred list if they meet our strict requirements on quality, cost and commerciality.
With any builder we work with, we build into the contracts additional layers of protection for our clients. These can be summarised here
At fixed price quote stage, we also use our leverage to source more cost effective materials at the same or higher level of quality direct from suppliers and pass on the savings.  We are always acting in the best interests of our clients and have a number of strong relationships that include:

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